shingle specifications

1. Product Description.

Shakertown® R&R shingles are composed of kiln-dried Western Red Cedar Shingles. The shingles are trimmed so side edges are parallel. The butt ends are sawed smooth at right angles to the side edges.

Dimensions: Lengths are nominal, 18" and 24". Shingle widths are random, 3" minimum and 14" maximum. 18" R&R shingles are approximately .45" thick, and 24" R&R shingles are approximately .50" thick.

Styles: The 18" R&R shingles and 24" R&R shingles are available with a natural sawed face, sanded face or machine grooved (combed) face.

Finishes: Manufactured in unfinished, natural Western Red Cedar. Products may be stained or painted in the field. All shingle styles are also available with a factory applied oil-based primer on all sides. Factory priming will minimize the opportunity of natural extractive bleeding. (Refer to Technical Bulletin 4001, Stains & Finishes)

Basic Uses: Shakertown R&R shingles are used on exterior and interior walls when a high quality shingle appearance is required. The architectural history of shingle siding used throughout the United States includes application on colonial, shingle-style, Victorian, rustic cabin, ranch, bungalow, contemporary and modern homes.

Packaging: Shakertown R&R 18" shingles are packaged in one square cardboard cartons and half square cartons. 24" shingles are packed in 4-carton squares.

Coverage: One full carton of 18" shingles covers 100 sq. ft. at 14" exposure (double course application)1, or 50 sq. ft. at 7" exposure (single course application). The 24" shingles are sold in 4-carton squares, with one carton covering 25 sq. ft. at 7-1/2" exposure (single course application). Refer to the coverage table for accurate material requirements.

Coverage & Exposure Table

One square carton coverage of machine-grooved shakes, rebutted-rejointed shingles and sanded face shingles at indicated weather exposure: (e.g., No. 1 18" @ 14" exposure = 100 sq. ft.)

Shingle Length6"7"8"9"10"11"12"13"14"15"16"
18 inch*435057†6472798693100‡----
24 inch **8093106120133†146160173186200213‡

*Sold in 1 square and 1/2 square cartons.

†Maximum single course exposure.

**Sold in 4-carton squares.

‡Maximum double course exposure.

Maximum Exposures:

1. Double course coverage requires undercoursing shingles to achieve proper application

Fasteners: Rust-resistant, hot dipped galvanized, 4D box nails are recommended. Pneumatic siding nails with a rust resistant finish may also be used.

Fire-Resistance: Shakertown R&R shingles, when fire-retardant treated by Shakertown, will provide a permanent Class A Flame Spread Rating.

Preservative Treatment: Shakertown R&R shingles may be CCA treated for protection against fungal decay.

2. Technical Data.

Applicable Standards: Number 1 Grade Shakertown R&R shingles are manufactured from Number One Grade Western Red Cedar Shingles. Finished shingles conform to commercial standard CS199-55 for natural grooved and R&R shingles.

3. Availability and Cost.

Distributed throughout the United States and Canada by stocking wholesalers. For distributor information and/or current competitive prices in your local area, call 1-800-426-8970.

4. Maintenance.

The performance of this material will vary according to geographical conditions and quality of applied finish. For maximum performance Shakertown recommends a quality oil-based stain or finish. Please refer to Technical Bulletin 4001, Stains and Finishes.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other topic, please call Shakertown toll free: 1-800-426-8970.

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