New Tahoe Shingle Panel

The new Shakertown Tahoe™ cedar shingle panel offers a unique and dramatic appearance to your home or building. Tahoe's ½" thick shingle butt replicates the look of 24" Royal sidewall shingles, with a more dramatic shadow line than 18" shingles.

The Tahoe Shaker panel is currently available in the 7" exposure, and comes with all of the other features of our 7" Craftsman panel, including:

  • Vertical Grain
  • Rain Screen Backing
  • Overlapping End Joint
  • Cedar in Keyway Joints
  • Blind Nailing
  • Self Aligning Application

The Tahoe cedar shingle panel is made with 100% vertical grain Western Red Cedar. Other companies promote a thicker shingle, but it's typically flat grain which cups, curls and splits.

Call 1-800-426-8970 for more information on the new Shakertown Tahoe Shaker Panel and the name of your nearest Shakertown distributor.