1. High quality curb appeal.
  2. Self-aligning feature allows fast and easy application.
  3. 8-foot lengths cut installation time over lap siding andindividual shingles.
  4. Made with 100% clear vertical grain heartwood cedar for quality appearance and durability.
  5. Fire retardant and preservative treatments available.
  6. Applies to curved walls with 5-foot radius.
  7. Dozens of experts nationwide, ready to help you.


The genuine, natural color and grain of Western Red Cedar transform a residence into a work of art. Cedar shingles lend dimensionality to a home's design. Give each angle drama. And create an expression of unmatched quality and timeless appeal.

Cedar not only outlasts trends in style: it outlasts other building materials. The wood is renowned for its inherent resistance to the effects of the rain, sun, pests and time. Its cellular structure makes an excellent insulator, and allows for natural resistance to weather conditions ranging from severe summer heat to brutal winter storms.


Shakertown's 8 ft. panels install much faster than individual cedar shingles. And up to twice as fast as lap or channel siding. With our exclusive self-aligning ridges, one worker can line up and secure panels with a hammer or nailing gun.

You won't come to the end of your patience when you come to the end of the building. Because our flush corners match panels exactly and are a breeze to install.

Not only that, Shakertown cedar panels are sized to match stud spacing so you don't lose a thing to trim. You pay for coverage instead of board feet, which saves you up to 30% on overlap waste. And the clean, finished line of a pre-inspected panel means the end of soiled, split or knotty shingles to hand-sort and toss out.

NOTE: Up to 5% of any mill shipment may have nested bundles containing less than 8 foot pieces.